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Current version (0.5)

Change log

  • Escali:

    • New features:

      • Web Implementation

      • Element <sqf:copy-of>

      • Added attributes es:regex and es:regexFlags

      • Default role

    • Bug fixings:

      • fix params for abstract patterns

      • fix ignore function

      • fix for change attribute name, if current name is null

      • Small Bug fixes

  • Schema/Schematron:

    • RelaxNG schema version

    • Attribute es:roleLabel for SVRL schema

Demo version for command line

The demo version of the Escali is a command line tool to demonstrate the functionality of Schematron QuickFixes. Please read the readme.txt for the usage of the command line tool.

System compatibility

  • Windows: I used Windows 7 for the development. The Escali should work on any Windows system whith Java 1.6 or 1.7.

  • Linux: I tested on Ubuntu 12.04.

    Please note: At the moment, the XSM processor only works correctly on Windows systems! Therefore the XML-save mode is not available and the Escali will ignore the config file on this part. Read more on the readme.txt.

  • Apple: I do not have the money for Apple products so I did not tested for their systems. If you have test results, please let me know about it.


Use this schema (XSD format) to validate your SQF Schematron files (Schematron QuickFix schema) or the SVRL output of the Escali (adapted SVRL schema):


If you want to implement the Escali by yourself, you can find the XSLT stylesheets of the Escali and the XSM processor here:


Below you find the test suites provided by the Schematron QuickFix project.

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