The project

Schematron QuickFix is an extension of the ISO standard Schematron. It is based on the Schematron idea of generating stylesheets – the "Skeleton" of Rick Jelliffe.

The idea

With Schematron QuickFix the developer is able to define QuickFixes for the Schematron errors. The implementation should offer the user these QuickFixes for the reported Schematron errors. With just one click the user can decide which QuickFix acceptably fixes the error. Read more about the idea behind Schematron QuickFix.

We need support

All good ideas need people who disseminate them. If you think this idea is a good one, please help us to improve it. On this page you find ways to support Schematron QuickFixes.

Content of this project


This project contains:

Coming soon

These parts of the SQF project are in the planning stage:

  • The XML-save mode for Linux systems.

  • The German version of the Schematron QuickFix website.

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