Escali Schematron – a new Skeleton

One part of the Schematron QuickFix project is the Escali Schematron which replaces the Skeleton in a classical Schematron workflow. While the Skeleton is only used for a two-step XSLT transformation, the Escali requires a four-step transformation in order to realise the Schematron QuickFix workflow. On the Concept page you will find a simplified depiction of the tasks of the compiler, the validator, the extractor and the manipulator. Therefore, the Escali Schematron is a XSLT package consisting of these four components.

On the Downloads page you may download the XSLT scripts of the Escali Schematron. More information on the application of these Escali transformations can be found on the Script documentation page.

Escali Web Implementation

The Escali Web Implementation is a draft project to implement the Escali XSLT stylesheets as a browser based online tool on client side. The result was, that it is possible to have the full functionality of the Escali workflow, with the following exceptions:

On the other hand, this implementation has huge performance issues. So it will need more effort to resolve this problems.

On the sub-domain you fill find a first open source QuickFix implemenentation. This implementation for the browser is based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The Escali XSLT scripts was processed by the Saxon-CE JavaScript based XSLT processor, developed by Saxonica. As design support it uses the the popular framework Bootstrap, which includes icons of Glyphicons.

Launch Escali

Escali for ISO Schematron

The Escali may also be used for the normal Schematron validation! In addition to the ISO Schematron support, the Escali is provided with some extentions which shall make Schematron more developer-friendly. Read more about the Escali extensions.

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