Older versions

Version 0.5 (2017-02-07)

Change log

  • Escali:

    • New features:

      • Web Implementation

      • Element <sqf:copy-of>

      • Added attributes es:regex and es:regexFlags

      • Default role

    • Bug fixings:

      • fix params for abstract patterns

      • fix ignore function

      • fix for change attribute name, if current name is null

      • Small Bug fixes

  • Schema/Schematron:

    • RelaxNG schema version

    • Attribute es:roleLabel for SVRL schema

Version 0.4 (2016-02-07)

Change log

  • Escali:

    • New features:

      • Implementation of Schema changes (see below)

      • Escali ignore extension

      • Handling of multiple descriptions.

      • Added parameter $missing-fixes-handle (see documentation).

      • QuickFix in external documents.

    • Refactoring:

      • Extracted parts for xml-save mode only to escali_compiler_3_sqf-main-xsm.xsl.

      • Extracted parts for xslt-only mode to escali_compiler_3_sqf-main-no-xsm.xsl.

      • Moved parameter $xsm:xml-save-mode from fhe Manipulator to the Compiler.

    • Bug fixings:

      • Use local variables inside of use-for-each attribute.

      • Namespace handling.

      • Performance issues

      • Base uri handling of multiple Schematron schema documents.

      • Handling of QuickFix IDs of abstract rules.

    • Small Bug fixes

  • Schema/Schematron:

    • Changed content model of <sqf:fix>. Allows <sqf:call-fix> on any place after the <sqf:descritpion>. Moved the order check to sqf.sch.

    • Added use-for-each attribute to <sqf:fix> element.

    • Added warnings checks to sqf.sch, for <sqf:fix> elements without activity elements or activity elements which are not do anything.

    • Split pattern "Activity Elements 2" in to a third part.

Version 0.3 (2015-05-05)

Change log

  • Escali:

    • Implementation of Schema changes (see below)

    • Allows to refer to a QuickFix which is contained by a group by using the pattern groupId#fixId.

    • Merged escali_compiler_3_sqf-main_2.xsl with escali_compiler_3_sqf-main.xsl..

    • Bug fixings

  • Schema/Schematron:

    • Moved the schema files to GitHub project.

    • The <sqf:user-entry> does not need to refer to a parameter any more. It creates a parameter using its attributes: name, default and type.The content is just the <sqf:description> element.

    • The <sqf:param> element can be added just at the beginning of the <sqf:fix> element. Renamed the attributes select to default and as to type.

    • Removed the none value of the node-type attribute. The default is now to insert the fragement defined by the content of the activity element. If the target attribute is used, the element must have the node-type attribute too.

    • The <sqf:param> element can have also an abstract attribute. If the abstract attribute hast the value true, just the name attribute is permited. If the parameter is defined as abstract, the QuickFix can be called only from an abstract pattern that defines a value for this parameter.

    • Foreign attributes on any SQF element permited in order to add other information to a Schematron schema.

    • I defined also a "foreign" element group in the SQF schema. The Schematron schema should define the foreign elements as any element from ##other namespace, or from ##local namespace. And in the "sqf:fix" element we need to allow elements only from XSLT namespace or from ##local namespace.

    • sqf.sch checks now the correctly embedding of the SQF elements inside of the Schematron elements

    • SVRL extension schema:

      Renamed the as attribute to type and added the attribute default to the <sqf:param> element.

Version 0.2 (2015-02-11)

Change log

  • General:

    • Renamed "Resolver" to "Extractor".

  • Escali:

    • Implementation of Schema changes (see below)

    • Bug fixing.

    • Refactoring and rewriting the stylesheet escali_compiler_3_sqf-main.xsl -> escali_compiler_3_sqf-main_2.xsl.

  • Schema/Schematron:

    • Added <sqf:title> element for <sqf:fix> elements

    • Added <sqf:group> element to refer more QuickFixes by once.

    • Renamed axis attribute to position.

      Renamed the values of the attribute

















    • Renamed values of axis/positon attribute:

    • xml:base attribute for the elements <svlr:fired-rule>, <svrl:successful-report> and <svrl:failed-assert> (SVRL schema)

Version 0.1 (2014-11-09)

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